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Spring clean your machine!

Give your washing machine a spring clean that doesn’t use harsh chemicals. With most laundry powders and liquids advertising that they clean at less than 40 degrees your machine will rarely get flushed through at a high enough temperature to clean out the filters and get rid of bacteria and germs that cause smells.
Use a cup of soda crystals in the soap dispenser and a cup of white vinegar in the drum and run the machine on the hottest cycle. Doing this once a month will keep your machine smelling lovely (don’t worry the vinegar smell disappears within minutes) and will cut through any soap scum or limescale collecting in filters or pipes. You can buy 1kg of soda crystals for less than 80p and 500ml of white vinegar for under £1 so it’s also a much cheaper option than shop bought solutions as well as keeping our aquatic life safe. Double winner!
Soda crystals also make great fabric softener (add 100g straight into the drum) and will also act as a natural whitener. White, soft towels. Another double winner!shoes-1064194_1280

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